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20th Annual Meeting

2008 (28-30 November), Academy of Mission, Hamburg


Ecumenical Formation: Shaping Identities in Church and Society


Formation is more than learning. Authentic formation is a holistic process that takes place in concrete situations. It involves the large variety of relationships that inform human existence. Formation denotes a process deeper than the mere communication of information. It refers to a process whereby one develops a certain kind of critical characteristics of thought and becomes free to engage in a shared liberating action as an active subject. In the contemporary context also the ecumenical world is faced with question regarding the relevance of such an interpretation of education and learning. Is there such a thing as ecumenical education/formation? How does it look like? What is the significance of ecumenical education to our churches, to the multicultural and multireligious societies we live in and to the shaping and development of individual and communal identities. In addition to the panel discussion the participants will have the opportunity to be exposed to a variety of perspectives and practises from the ecumenical world, from the field of academic research and various concrete social contexts.


Main speakers Dr. Werner Kahl

Dr. Ulrike Link-Wieczorek

Dr. Konrad Raiser

Dr. Dorothea Sattler


Werner Kahl is the director of the Academy of Mission in Hamburg.

Ulrike Link-Wieczorek is the professor of Systematic theology and religious education in Oldenburg.

Konrad Raiser was the general secretary of the World Council of Churches (1993-2003) and now lives in Berlin.

Dorothea Sattler is a professor at the Ecumenical institute at the Faculty of Catholic Theology in Münster.

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