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Publications - Ecumenical Encounters

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Publications - Ecumenical Encounters
Ökumenische Begegnungen
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Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the Ecumenical Research Forum

Beihefte zur Ökumenischen Rundschau, 100

Irena Zeltner-Pavlovic | Florian Tuder | Claudia Hoffmann (Hrsg.)

The publication Ökumenische Begegnungen / Ecumenical Encounters was created as part of the 25th anniversary of the Ecumenical Research Forum (ERF). This publication outlines the currently discussed research questions and topics in ecumenism and contains English and German articles. The volume has a two part structure. In the first part well known scientific experts in Ecumenical and Mission Studies, who have been and currently are associated with ERF through their activities in recent years, are introducing topics which had been discussed at recent ERF-meetings. The second part of the publication is dedicated to young scholars and their contributions, presenting results and relevant aspects of their research.

Verfügbar voraussichtlich ab 04/2015.