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Next Meeting: october-21-23-2016   Invitation to the 27th Annual Meeting of
Lernen für das Leben. Perspektiven ökumenischen Lernens und ökumenischer...

About us


The ERF is an international ecumenical platform for junior scholars and doctoral students. It aims at facilitating encounter and exchange over current research projects and interests relating to ecumenism, mission studies and challenges the churches are facing in the contemporary world.

The Annual Meetings are the main activities of the ERF aiming to:

  • provide an open forum for presenting and discussing research projects

  • establish networks, contacts and friendships among graduate students, teachers and those interested in ecumenism and mission

  • offer a space for sharing of perspectives and gaining inspiration

  • enhance ecumenical formation

Participation in the Annual Meetings is open to all interested in exchanging ideas, discussing research projects and networking. Discussions take place in both German and English. These are organized by an international continuation committee.

Since 2000, the ERF has been a member of the Societas Oecumenica, the European association for ecumenical research.

The AÖF (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Ökumenische Forschung) was launched on 24-25 May 1988 at the Evangelical Academy at Iserlohn (Germany). Having always been an open forum for all involved in academic ecumenical research, the AÖF wanted to include English and well as German-speaking scholars of ecumenism in its discussions. Hence the translation of its name in English as the Ecumenical Research Forum (ERF).