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Herzliche Einladung zur 28. Jahrestagung 21.-23. Oktober 2016   Herzliche Einladung
Lernen für das Leben. Perspektiven ökumenischen Lernens und ökumenischer...

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Herzliche Einladung zur 28. Jahrestagung 21.-23. Oktober 2016

Die 26. Jahrestagung der Arbeitsgemeinschaft Ökumenische Förschung



“True ecumenism is not a matter of agreeing to affirm common statements of doctrine, but is about dynamic, personal relationships that help to plant seeds of the Kingdom of God. One of the reasons why I cherish the AÖF-ERF is that it offers a forum for open dialogue, real friendship and genuine koinonia. My warmest thanks go to the organisers and to the wonderful staff at the Missionsakademie.”

Joshua T. Searle



Gottesdienst in der Hamburger Hafencity


"I appreciate the variety, the challenge of the different (ones). I like when questions are not answered as if THE answer had been identified but instead, when they are left open with even more questions than one has started with.

I welcomed the sicereity of one's struggles with issues, such as Dr. Andree has shared with us.

I guess that for me, Hafen City is a metaphor for our community - we are in the middle of creating it and yet, and that's different, we don't have a plan of how it's in fact supposed to look like - since hopefully we are participating in something out of our reach - Spirit's presence among us... such are my musings."


Michaela Kušnierková






Gemeinsamer Ausflug an der Elbe